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SOLO - PRS free

PRS free

Artikelcode: AK046

SOLO - PRS free

AK046 SOLO - LUISTER HIER naar lo-fi samples
Sometimes less is more and this is certainly the case with this outstanding collection of solo instrumental tracks. Following on from the successful Solo piano SOLO gathers a superb range of solo instruments beautifully played by top notch session players. Guitars, accordions, alto sax, harp, flugelhorn and cornet are just some of instruments featured on this CD. No synthesizers were used in this production.....this is all 100% real. Eighteen tracks creating a wonderful atmospheric CD. The tracks offer so much space and room.
1. Another Working Day 0:50
foot tapping bluesy guitar
2. Bicycle Ride in Provence 1:46 
3. Calm Weather 4:04 
relaxing acoustic guitar
4. Cool Cats 2:19 
jazzy alto sax
5. Country Boy 2:19 
6. Country Fair 2:34 
folk 12 string
7. Early Dawn 2:21 
enchanting flute
8. Eastern Promise 1:58
alto sax/mysterious
9. In Full Bloom 2:33 
harp/sweeeping vista
10. Last Post 1:30 
solo cornet
11. Midnight Hour 1:05 
muted trumpet/sleazy
12. Moonlight Bay 3:17 
electric guitar/shimmering
13. Nature's Larder 2:46 
joyful oboe
14. Streets Of Paris 1:27 
15. The Colliery 2:03 
flugelhorn lament
16. The Koi 1:10 
japanese shakuatchi flute
17. Sacred Veil 3:10 
lone voice 'Gladiator' style words
18. The Setting Sun 3:03 
folk guitar

euro 45.00